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The ABCs of Ticks

Posted on Jul 9, 2015 in Blog |

Note from Sharon: I don’t personally care for the Mayo Clinic’s way of diagnosing and treating Lyme disease, but I do think the following link has some good information and an interesting way of presenting the information. Thank you to Carol Pearson for sending this to me! From the Mayo Clinic: Share...

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From Head Lice to Co-Infections of Lyme Disease

Posted on Mar 26, 2015 in Blog |

From Debbie Kushner, a friend of mine At my son’s school this week, my gentle suggestion that lice were not merely a nuisance but also a possible vector for infections like Bartonella was met with disbelief since the school nurse couldn’t find anything during a quick Google search from NIH. Clearly, she felt I was mistaken. I know you all have encountered this before. No one believes us until it is too late. I’ve been corresponding with Amanda Brickman Elam, president of Galaxy Diagnostics, offline this morning to gain some recent research to help support my position as well as educate the school nurse. Amanda asked that I share what we discussed. As Amanda says one of her favorite quotes is from Mother Theresa: “we can do no great things, only small things with great love.” Educating one school nurse is a small thing, but could be important for each community. Amanda told me the NIH and the CDC have not updated their Bartonella postings in nearly 10 years! She shared some links to recent research that do make a strong connection between head lice and the transmission of Bartonella. and there have been quite a few publications documenting Bartonella head lice around the world. Here are some of the research publications that support the transmission from head lice to people.… This study is from CDC Bartonella research team, led by Mike Kosoy: She also said that both body lice and head lice can infect the head, and they look quite different. Body lice can carry a number of different pathogens. I truly believe that as a community, each one of us, with exposure to different populations, can help turn the tide and educate our friends and neighbors. Share...

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The Protozoa is LOSING

Posted on Nov 4, 2014 in Blog |

I saw Dr M yesterday and my blood smear is the best looking I have ever had! The level of biofilm is down significantly. The number of infected red blood cells is down significantly. Dr. M called it a “new scenario” for me, which I am ecstatic about. It’s not all gone; and it’s definitely still in my muscle tissue, but the change between this past spring and now is incredible. So, we have decided to keep at it. We took a pause this past spring and the protozoa flourished in my system, and we don’t want that to happen again. I am going to continue his protocol with another item added in to see if we can finally kick this protozoa in the ass. He says my increased fatigue is due to the other stressors in life. I’ve been sleeping 10 hours a night the past four nights and that has made a significant improvement. I’m also not absorbing B12 that I am taking in because of a gene mutation that I have, but he changed that around so it should not be an issue from here. I was starting to give up the idea of ever completely healing, but after yesterday’s slides, I know we can do this. The data doesn’t lie. Share...

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Getting Through the Rough Times with Lyme Disease

Posted on Oct 3, 2014 in Blog |

I received this wonderful note (below) today from a friend who also battles Lyme disease. Both she and her boyfriend have been in treatment for a few years. I bring this to light not to brag, but rather I wanted to contrast it with a chapter that Jeff wrote that will be going into Lyme Savvy. Realistic or not, numerous people have assumed that Jeff and I have always been “on the same page” together and that we have always been 100% supportive of one another. When someone mentions this to us, we try to give a realistic picture of our relationship. We don’t want to be on a pedestal. We have spent years struggling to keep it together. We just happen to be in a really great place right now. So now you can see the big picture: the good, the bad, the ugly, and the profoundly amazingly wonderful. It was very hard for me to read through the first part of Jeff’s chapter. Those moments are still stuck inside me in a very tender place. Even knowing where we are now, it is hard to take that look back and remember. But remembering allows me to cherish how far we have come. If you are struggling in a relationship, know that if you both want it to work and you both are willing to do whatever it takes to make it work, you CAN make it work and you can succeed as a couple. Hang in there. “I wanted you to know, that X and I would not have made it through much of the “bad days” (or months, or years?!!) without your loving advice. We always looked up to you and Jeff so much as you all stuck by one another’s side through it all. All of the advice you have given us over the years has really paid off. I am so glad that you were there from the beginning to support us and encourage us to just be there with on another. Because we did that, we never thought of our “bad (physical) days” as “bad days” because we were together, doing what we...

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The Need to Connect

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 in Blog |

Robin Williams’ death highlights the need to connect . . . It has been almost a month now since news of Robin Williams’ suicide trended and overtook the news coverage. Every time I hear of someone’s death by suicide, I am brought back to the instant when my sister Gayle heard that her 16-year old son had shot himself. I am brought back to the instant when my niece heard that her little brother was dead. I remember looking into my other sister’s eyes at those two moments and wishing we could be sharing any other experience but this one. And yet, we knew we were inextricably connected forever as our linked arms lifted Gayle from falling to the floor as her legs collapsed. The moments that followed were similar to what the movies proclaim: hysterical mother, sobbing families, screams of “Why?”, stunned silence, hushed phone calls to friends and distant family, ‘making preparations,’ waves of grief, and insurmountable anguish drowning each of us as the minute hand ticked. We don’t know why our nephew shot himself. We don’t know why he wanted to die. We will never know. We just know the pain of life was too much for him to bear. And, he chose the only way he knew, in that moment, to relieve himself of that angst. I believe the same to be true of Robin Williams. Everyone can surmise, and assume, and ponder. But there is only one person who knew and, I believe, he is now with his Maker, relieved of his torment. In that moment, he chose the only way he knew to be free of the pain and anguish that was too much for him to bear for another minute, or even another second. Many people initially surmised he was on drugs when he died by suicide. As a fellow recovering addict, I believe he was sober. For me, living life on life’s terms was so much harder to do without the drugs and alcohol.   I was clean and sober the two times I considered dying by my own means. Robin Williams and I were close in time for our sobriety...

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