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#TBYHDC Speaker Sharon Rainey On Healing From Emotional Trauma Through Love

Posted on Oct 17, 2016 in Blog | How did you originally connect with Robin and the Take Back Your Health Conference? Robin was introduced to me when she was still in high school and just starting this journey. She had made the connection to healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis and food, and she wanted to share her experience, strength and hope with me. She led me to healthy eating. She also showed me great compassion. I was in the roller coaster part of the healing, a lot of ups and downs. One afternoon, Robin brought me an entire meal she made herself. And it was amazing. It was such an act of love to me. Not only did the food help me heal, but her love and compassion were strong healing agents as well. What will you be sharing about at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference? I will be sharing about the importance of healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that we hold from traumas in our life. Our doctors can only do so much, and they focus on the physical part of healing. A great doctor will help with the other aspects, but it is usually only the patient who knows the triggers, the traumas, and the willingness to find possible resolutions. If you don’t mind diving right in, can you share a couple of your main symptoms / struggles over the years? I was sick for 30+ years. If there is a symptom, I had it. It wreaked havoc throughout my entire body including stomach ulcers, a tooth killing itself, lower back pain, migraines, lipomas, joint stiffness and pain. I felt like a stone statue, or the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. It also included bizarre things like itchy ears and vivid nightmares. Is there one thing that you’ve learned from Robin or Take Back Your Health events that has really stuck with you? Eating is key to healing. An anti-inflammatory diet is mandatory for healing. What are a couple of lifestyle tweaks/habits have made the biggest difference for your health? Eating organic food is essential – I had arsenic poisoning when I was first diagnosed. It was from eating...

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Lyme Disease Interview on The Organic View

Posted on Aug 2, 2014 in Blog |

Please come and listen to June Stoyer interview me for her show The Organic View Share...

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I Never Thought I Would

Posted on May 19, 2013 in Blog |

Day 19 – May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month Things I never thought I would never be doing five years ago: eating almost all organic food saying “no” with no guilt considering coffee enemas drinking green smoothies trying to figure out computer software that used to be “simple” losing so many friends and being ok with that writing my second book scheduling laughter time every day scheduling meditation times giving presentations about Lyme disease participating in protest rallies against the Infectious Disease Society of America taking extra time to play with my puppies because it makes me feel good eating raw, unfiltered honey daily surrendering to fatigue without much guilt – coming home from work at 1 pm to rest laughing louder than I used to because it feels so good to laugh going without makeup for weeks at a time figuring out which method is the best way to detox my body – lemon water, Epsom salts, sauna . . . having two bumper stickers on my car that say “Eat More Kale” and “Sheldon for President” wearing no jewelry but my wedding band spending an hour every two weeks dispensing pills taking 50 pills a day and being grateful for every single one, knowing each has a specific healing task going low gluten, low dairy, low soy, low sugar; willingly inviting 100 people with Lyme disease to my house to celebrate our healing adamantly encouraging people to challenge their physicians and demand the correct testing for Lyme disease and co-infections Wearing lime green clothing Co-infections of Lyme: Erlichiosis, Mycoplasma, Bartonella, Babesia,Protomyxzoa Rheumatica, Colorado Tick Fever, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever,QFever Share...

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Aunt Betty

Posted on May 16, 2013 in Blog |

Day 16 – May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month On June 5, 2002, my dad called at 11:30 pm. His baby sister, Aunt Betty, had died earlier that afternoon of a pulmonary embolism. She was 57 years old. She died of complications from Lyme Disease. Exactly two years prior, Aunt Betty went to her physician in Auburn, Alabama with a classic “Lyme” EM rash on her calf. She had not seen a tick, but she had been with her horse on their five acres of land. She asked if it might be Lyme Disease. “We don’t have Lyme disease in Alabama,” he replied. “It’s an allergic reaction to sunscreen. I know PABA when I see it.” He prescribed some lotion and dismissed Aunt Betty. That fall, Aunt Betty returned with weakness in her legs. Blood tests showed positive for Lupus. Over the next few months, Aunt Betty’s health continued to decline. She experienced more weakness in left hand, cramping in left hand and in throat, muscles hurting all over body, stiff in the morning, and numbness in left foot. Doctors then changed her diagnosis to Muscular Dystrophy. Then they changed it to ALS – “Lou Gehrig’s Disease.” For a year, physicians refused to test Betty for Lyme disease. By August of 2001, a year after her initial rash appeared, Aunt Betty was using a walker. And in August, doctors finally agreed to a Lyme test from The test was positive. Aunt Betty started treatment. On September 11, 2001, when most of us were watching the World Trade Center Twin Towers fall in New York, Aunt Betty was getting a PICC line. Back in 2001, they didn’t have the progressive testing they have now. But they were trying. They started Betty on Biaxin, Flagyl, Diflucan. A couple of months later, Aunt Betty was still deteriorating. They started her on Zithromax; she showed improvement. December, 2001, her Lupus test was negative. But she was in a wheelchair full time. Doctors continued her on various meds, and she was improving, but it was going to be a long recovery. Six months later, Aunt Betty died from a blood clot that had...

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Lyme Savvy

Posted on Apr 29, 2013 in Blog |

April 29th – I have accepted The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge to write daily about my disease. #HAWMC @wegohealth Some of you that I have been writing a book on Lyme disease. I am writing it with my physician! We expect it to be published in 2015. The title is Lyme Savvy: New Approaches for Better Results. Some of the topics we plan to include are: Basics of Lyme Disease, problems and challenges with diagnosis and treatment, what physician and patients are doing and can do, the importance of testing and treating co-infection, small vessel disease, functional medicine (including adrenals, thyroid, toxins, diet), old and new treatment modalities, traditional and non-traditional treatments, ancillary therapies (acupuncture, chiropractic care, massage, reflexology, physical therapy, yoga, pilates), dietary changes, psychological aids to healing, what to look for in a physician, how to be a good patient, the various aspects of healing, and finally, numerous case studies. If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy of the book, go to and you can order it online. Share...

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