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Lyme Disease Webinar with Dr. B. Robert Mozayeni and Author Sharon Rainey

Posted on Jan 26, 2017 in Blog |

“Taking Control: Focusing Through the Fog” Dr. Bob Mozayeni and Sharon Rainey will discuss ways to overcome the challenges faced by both patients and physicians when trying to establish the nature of underlying causes of chronic illness, set out a plan of treatment, and effectively manage care. This is especially confounding when patients are dealing with the cognitive impact and “brain fog” so often associated with chronic illness. They will draw on a variety of issues discussed in their new book, LYME SAVVY. Date/Time: Wednesday, February 1, 2017, at 3 pm (for 1 hour). Cost: $20 About These Presentations: This discussion is part of our exciting new program to provide our patients with the information they want and need to know, to help them get better faster. These patient education webinars will be paired with corresponding programs geared toward physicians and other health providers to foster mutual understanding of the issues and help them collaborate with us in your care. In the future, we will cover advances in the treatment of Bartonella, Lyme Disease, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and more. We hope you can join us. Please click the link below to register. Click Here to Register at GoToTraining Webinar limited to first 50 registrants only! Sign up NOW! LYME SAVVY is a unique collaboration between a patient and doctor, offering important insights into the patient-practitioner dynamic that you need to know to live well while dealing with the disease…and move forward toward recovery. This book is rich with information, wisdom, and guidance. For more information go to Share...

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Lyme Savvy Manuscript Is with the Formatter

Posted on Feb 29, 2016 in Blog |

Four years after I started this book, I have finally sent it to the formatter for pricing and a schedule.  I am beyond excited to get this book out.  Nervous, but excited. So, why am I nervous? Because my heart and soul has gone into this project. Dr. Mozayeni and I have spent countless hours talking, writing, editing, and even negotiating what goes in and what doesn’t. It has been easy for me to send out blog postings of what I think and feel, but I have pretty much kept mum on what Dr. Mozayeni has been thinking.  I want to make sure I have it right.  I have to be sure he is ready to put his words into a published format.  So, some of these chapters, I have been chomping at the bit to publish! I think the Lyme patients will be satisfied and encouraged by this book.  I think Lyme patients will feel validated. And they will find specific suggestions to help them heal. I’ll keep you posted.  Thank you to everyone who has helped me along this journey.  Gratitude abounds. Share...

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15 Minutes Just for Me (and You)

Posted on Dec 12, 2015 in Blog |

I should be Christmas shopping, either physically or on line. Instead, I am sitting in Starbucks sipping on a chai. My week started with surgery on Monday at 7:30 am and ended with staff resigning during my first hours back at work on Friday. I have a lot to do between now and December 24th. And none of it matters to me right now. I decided to come here to get some writing done instead of doing the necessary “chores” and sulking about it. This is my mental health day I think. Inundated this week with emotions and riding a roller coaster that I think is probably normal for the holidays, but it always seems to catch me off guard. My healing from this latest surgery has gone significantly better than the first procedure a few weeks back. But today, I woke up with a tingling in my leg and when I tried to walk, I was like a weeble (“weebles wobble but they don’t fall down”). It took some balancing. I finally realized this is the phase of healing when the other veins are trying to take the load of the vein that has been cauterized. So there is a little stretching and expanding happening. It’s a good representation of my life these past six months. I’m healing, but there is some wobbling happening. I have to get used to my new normal. It’s not good; it’s not bad. It just is. I got a huge response to my previous blog about hanging in there until the miracle happens. So I know I am not alone and you aren’t either. A lot of us are feeling stress and my friend E., who landed in the hospital with a heart attack due to stress, will tell you it’s just not worth it to let that stress take over. That’s why I am writing in Starbucks. I was stressed and couldn’t figure out a way to dispense with it. Writing is my go-to method. And I haven’t really written all week. Every day between now and New Year’s I plan to do something for myself that is stress-free for at...

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Another Bump in the Road

Posted on Dec 4, 2015 in Blog |

I ran into a woman at the post office whom I had not seen in almost ten years. I didn’t recognize her. She came to me. She was fashionable, perky, beautiful, wearing swanky glasses and third floor Nordstrom clothes. She asked me how I was doing and I swiftly avoided answering by asking her if she had grown her hair out. She looked how I wish I could look. Thirty-four years ago, I had my first bout of unexplained fatigue. Six weeks into my first semester at college, I couldn’t stay awake. I was exhausted. Could not keep my eyes open. I literally slept for 23 hours at a stretch. I was losing weight and obviously not attending classes. My parents brought me home and I underwent innumerable blood tests. I wish I had kept those test results. I just remember them saying everything was normal. There was no explanation for my intense fatigue. I stayed home the rest of the semester and returned in January, rested and feeling better, still with no explanation of why I needed so much rest for so many weeks. For the past week, I have had almost the same fatigue – sleeping 10 to 11 hours at night and 3 hours in the afternoons. And I can’t make myself wake up. I have had some of the worst pain in the past week as I have had in the past six years. I don’t know why. Doctor has some ideas and suggestions, but nothing is working as quickly as I want. The inflammation is back in spades at a vascular level. I had blood taken yesterday for the surgery I am having Monday and it came out like sludge, as it used to six years ago before I started treatment. While I can’t prove it, I know there is a connection between vascular inflammation and hyper-coagulability. I know the inflammation will lessen and the blood will thin as the barometric pressure rises and with the doctor’s suggestions. How can I explain how I feel to the woman in the post office? I have been battling this disease for decades. How do I tell...

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Interview with Dr. Mozayeni at NorVect Conference 2015

Posted on Nov 11, 2015 in Blog |

I like this interview for numerous reasons: He explains what his experience was in the practice and what he was seeing that didn’t fit in with borrelia – which led him to Bartonella He explains the difference between #Borrelia and #Bartonella He talks about big data and genome sequencing coming soon at a cheaper rate He talks about biofilms He talks about the other diseases that are confused with Bartonella – just a set of symptoms, not a diagnosis. Love that. He emphasizes the importance of finding the root cause. He talks about not being able to sleep at night until he can fix the problem – that’s very comforting to the patients. Shows how much compassion and drive he has. He places emphasis on personalizing the healing process for each patient. He talks about the politics and if we do it the “old way” the patients would have to wait 17-21 years for something to change. Great ending. Share...

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