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Who I Am and What I Value

Posted on Nov 11, 2016 in Blog |

An acquaintance sat across the table from another woman. They are both life coaches. They had previously chatted on the phone and were now meeting IRL. One asked the other to tell her about herself – sometimes the hardest and most pointless question ever. She gave her an off the cuff list of what she values in a way to describe who she is. You can read her post here. And she challenged others to do the same. Here are mine (Sharon Elaine Williams Rainey): I am a feeler – I feel my own emotions intensely, unceasingly, and without organization. I feel them as they come, big, small, trivial, life changing. I am an empath – I feel everyone else’s feelings too. With no filter, no order, and no directions. I am writer – I have an incessant need to process my feelings through writing. And I have an incessant need to share my writing with others. The words swirl in my head endlessly until I write them down. I think in words. Pictures are hard for me. Auditory processing is almost nil, so if you want me to remember it, you better write it down and send it to me in an email – because my memory is also shitty. I am a connector. I never seem to know THE some one or thing, but I usually know someone who knows THE some one or thing. I despise conflict. I want everyone to get along. We don’t have to agree, but I demand everyone around me be respectful. If we don’t have respect, we don’t have much else. I am a recovering addict – I have 28 years’ experience of living life on life’s terms, which is still a challenge for me. So I still attend 12 Step meetings to help me remember that the only person, place or thing I can control is ME. I am a learner – I am always looking for the lesson in my daily life. I like to try to learn things the first time around so I don’t have to review them over and over in new situations. I believe that...

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#TBYHDC Speaker Sharon Rainey On Healing From Emotional Trauma Through Love

Posted on Oct 17, 2016 in Blog | How did you originally connect with Robin and the Take Back Your Health Conference? Robin was introduced to me when she was still in high school and just starting this journey. She had made the connection to healing from Rheumatoid Arthritis and food, and she wanted to share her experience, strength and hope with me. She led me to healthy eating. She also showed me great compassion. I was in the roller coaster part of the healing, a lot of ups and downs. One afternoon, Robin brought me an entire meal she made herself. And it was amazing. It was such an act of love to me. Not only did the food help me heal, but her love and compassion were strong healing agents as well. What will you be sharing about at the upcoming Take Back Your Health Conference? I will be sharing about the importance of healing the emotional and spiritual wounds that we hold from traumas in our life. Our doctors can only do so much, and they focus on the physical part of healing. A great doctor will help with the other aspects, but it is usually only the patient who knows the triggers, the traumas, and the willingness to find possible resolutions. If you don’t mind diving right in, can you share a couple of your main symptoms / struggles over the years? I was sick for 30+ years. If there is a symptom, I had it. It wreaked havoc throughout my entire body including stomach ulcers, a tooth killing itself, lower back pain, migraines, lipomas, joint stiffness and pain. I felt like a stone statue, or the Tin Man from the Wizard of Oz. It also included bizarre things like itchy ears and vivid nightmares. Is there one thing that you’ve learned from Robin or Take Back Your Health events that has really stuck with you? Eating is key to healing. An anti-inflammatory diet is mandatory for healing. What are a couple of lifestyle tweaks/habits have made the biggest difference for your health? Eating organic food is essential – I had arsenic poisoning when I was first diagnosed. It was from eating...

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Dad and Me, Ten Years Later

Posted on Jul 24, 2016 in Blog |

I wrote the following piece for Dad for Father’s Day, 2006. I found it in his files the week before this past Father’s Day among other pieces I had written. I didn’t have the courage to post it until today. Dad And Me June 18, 2006 – Father’s Day I am very fortunate to have two loving parents who provided me with a ‘normal’ upbringing. Some of the threads that, together, form my ‘fabric,’ include my childhood memories. On this Father’s Day, I thought you might want to see what I saw and what I remember of you and me. You were a corporate executive, working six days a week for 30 years. So while the hours that I saw you were more limited than those with mom, I still hold many glimpses of my childhood (and adulthood) like photographs of our relationship. Memories from Texas: – I wasn’t more than five years old. You came home from work; I ran up to you, quite pleased with myself, announcing, “Dad! I learned a new word today!” You were putting your coat away in the closet. I think it was your suit jacket. But you were just putting it on the hanger and putting it into the closet when you replied, “You did?! What is it?” With my excitement just beyond containment, I proudly enunciated, “Damn!” The color drained from your face, your smile evaporated. I don’t remember what you said after that, but I remember being puzzled by the look on your face. – You held me over the wall of the dam so I could see the water coming out while Mom shrieked, “Earle, put her down. Earle, this isn’t safe.” – I remember standing in a Baskin-Robbins ice cream store; we all got to order double scoops. I got chocolate mint chip. The total cost was less than one dollar. I remember you paying with that dollar bill and getting change back. – I remember standing outside of our car, looking at the Grand Canyon. It is just one view that I remember, but I remember you standing in front of me, to the side, looking into...

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I Am From

Posted on Feb 19, 2016 in Blog |

I am from The Source Lover of Light and Laughter I am from dancing and playing Angels and petulant Souls I am from Priests Assigned Sacred Tasks I collect the sacred tears, the profound sadness Offering alms. I am from a groovy, magical, mysterious pink waiting room filled with fresh blossoms and sunlight. I am from vast Grand Canyon abstract landscapes, deep as the suffering in your soul. I am from Blue eyes and Green eyes and Brown eyes. I am from Eyes that see only my Soul and Hearts that love me with all. I am a Channel, a Translator, a part of and sometimes a part from I am Connected and Isolated instantly and eternally I am from what was, what is, what cannot and yet will be. I am from grey Dust, emerald Gems. I write, I sing, I suffer, I wonder, I wander I heal and I return All in Love. Sharon Rainey 2.18.16 Share...

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Posted on Feb 9, 2016 in Blog |

I still believe in all simplicity, that love is the answer to everything for everyone. However, we must love ourselves first and foremost. If we cannot take care of ourselves, we cannot help or connect or love anyone else. Then we must love our families next. They must come before anyone else (except ourselves). We have rings around us that we must honor. And we must pay attention to those rings/circles and figure out who belongs in each circle. The lines can blur sometimes. When we are filled with anger, depression, or resentment, we cannot love. When we feel sorry for ourselves, we cannot love others. We can’t let others love us. Love has to be a free flowing energy that moves easily between people’s souls. Share...

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