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Sharon Rainey

Sharon Rainey is a Writer, Activist, Entrepreneur, Wife, Mother, and Lyme warrior.  In 2009, Sharon was diagnosed with Bartonella and Babesia, co-infections of Lyme disease.  These diagnoses followed over a decade of suffering from numerous mysterious or rare maladies.

She saw more than 30 physicians including internists, gastroenterologists, endocrinologists, chiropractors, orthopedists, neurologists, neurosurgeons, psychiatrists, psychologists dermatologists, urologists, osteopaths, and rheumatologists.  Some of them offered relief for her symptoms, but no one offered a cause.

Then, in early 2009, the final blow was becoming almost bedridden with back and knee pain.  Four months later, she found the RIGHT doctor who diagnosed her with late stage chronic Lyme disease. She began treatment.

In addition to co-authoring this Lyme Savvy book, Sharon also wrote and published her second book, The Best Part of My Day: A Healing Journal in 2016. This journal helps chronically ill patients see the positive in each day, finding many avenues in which healing can occur. Anyone dealing with a major illness, grief, or long term incapacitation has found this journal helpful.

Dr. Bernie Siegel found Sharon’s journal and was impressed by the uniqueness of it.

“When you experience joy, happiness and laughter you are more likely to be healthy, recover faster from and resist illness. Recording those positive emotions, recalling them in a journal, is a positive step of therapeutic value. The Best Part of My Day Healing Journal provides the format and fodder for such healing steps.” – Dr. Bernie Siegel

Sharon also wrote Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life in 2010.  This book is Sharon’s story on a very private path of early trauma and leads readers through the depths of the human spirit so as to emerge to a higher place of inner strength and happiness.

From 2013 to 2015, Sharon was a national columnist writing “The Ripple Effect” column at Women’s Voices Magazine.  In her column, Sharon showed the profound impact of connecting with one another.  She illustrated the numerous ways our decisions and behaviors affect those around us.  We do make a difference in others’ lives on a daily basis – by what we do and what we choose not to do.  She wrote about the miracles, big and small, that happen as a result of our willingness to open up our hearts and share our journeys with each other.

Sharon created an online network for her local community in 2000.  In 2004 she expanded into other communities and today it is known as  In 2004, she started a 501c3 nonprofit organization and ran it for 10 years, sending care packages to military personnel in Iraq and Afghanistan and also caring for local neighbors in need of a helping hand.

Before running her own companies, Sharon taught 8th grade English in Northern Virginia.  Sharon lives in the Northern Virginia area with her husband and four dogs.

Sharon’s passions include writing and educating the public about Lyme disease (proper diagnosis and treatment), but she still finds time for reading, needlepoint and knitting.

And Sharon still has ideas for at least seven more books to write!

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