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Advise family that time for relationships has to occur when you can, not on the traditional schedules.

Delegate. You have no choice.

If you can’t delegate, learn to let it go.

Tell friends you want to be included. One friend sends me photos of events her family has. Not on Facebook; to ME. It sends my heart soaring.

Bring the party to the ill person. Bring a sandwich, soup, and iced tea. And a cupcake with a smiley. And a small terrarium or something requiring little care (our memories fail us).

Send cards for no particular reason. It’s nice to send them and to receive them.

Don’t tell me to exercise. I am an adult, highly intelligent, and I am ill. My body tells me what I can handle.

Understand and accept my appearance may change. Makeup, hair care, dressing up no longer apply – I can only do what is easiest for myself based on my income, inability to sit for hours, inability to shop.

Offer to do my laundry once a month, help me sort my pills, put bills in a dedicated spot, set up my calendar.

Help with pets; buy a bag of pet food, walk the dog. Lyme patients love and depend on their pets for support.

If I refuse an offer of help, it may be because you offered something I cannot use.