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Every patient heals differently. There is no one way to treat this disease. And depending on what combination of co-infections you may have, the treatment course can vary.
For me, some of the primary ingredients to my healing included (not necessarily in this order):

Support is essential to successful healing.

long term use of oral antibiotics and anti-malarials,
pharmaceutical grade supplementation,
being an active team member with my LLMD’s practice including remaining compliant in my treatment protocol more than 95% of the time,
EMDR therapy for PTSD,
therapeutic rest,
Hyper-bariac Oxygen Therapy (HBOT),
ketamine infusions for depression and grief,
physical therapy,
laser therapy and dry needling for trigger points,
radical changes in my work/life balance,
marriage counseling,
regular body massages for pain control and fascia release,
establishing boundaries with friends and family members,
prayer and meditation,
walking in nature on a consistent basis,
learning to say no without explanation or guilt,
creating art,
and always putting my health as my #1 priority on a daily basis.

This is not a simple, self-limiting disease with a quick treatment protocol.
Get tested, find a reputable LLMD, and get treatment.