Posted on May 6, 2017 in Blog |

In the Commonwealth of Virginia, physicians are required by law to give you a piece of paper stating that if your ELISA Lyme test comes back negative, that does not necessarily mean you don’t have Lyme.
The test is so inaccurate that physicians have to tell you that you might still be infected.
I do not understand why, then, they order this test.
And, the test tells you nothing about whether or not you might have any of the co-infections of Lyme.
If you want an accurate start to testing for Lyme disease, you might want to order the Lyme panel from Igenex Labs in San Diego, CA.
Because of the ‘popularity’ of Bartonella, I also strongly urge you to get the three-day blood draw from Galaxy Diagnostics in North Carolina.
Fry Labs in Arizona also offers state of the art testing for newfound protozoa that causes many patients’ Lyme disease tests to pop positive. If interested you can order the FL1953 panel from Fry Labs.
And, if you have a physician who tries to bully you or tell you these labs are unreliable or “just in it for the money,” find a new physician who will help you find a cause for your symptoms.