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“Taking Control: Focusing Through the Fog”

Dr. Bob Mozayeni and Sharon Rainey will discuss ways to overcome the challenges faced by both patients and physicians when trying to establish the nature of underlying causes of chronic illness, set out a plan of treatment, and effectively manage care. This is especially confounding when patients are dealing with the cognitive impact and “brain fog” so often associated with chronic illness. They will draw on a variety of issues discussed in their new book, LYME SAVVY.

Date/Time: Wednesday, February 1, 2017, at 3 pm (for 1 hour).
Cost: $20

About These Presentations: This discussion is part of our exciting new program to provide our patients with the information they want and need to know, to help them get better faster. These patient education webinars will be paired with corresponding programs geared toward physicians and other health providers to foster mutual understanding of the issues and help them collaborate with us in your care. In the future, we will cover advances in the treatment of Bartonella, Lyme Disease, Mast Cell Activation Syndrome, and more.

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LYME SAVVY is a unique collaboration between a patient and doctor, offering important insights into the patient-practitioner dynamic that you need to know to live well while dealing with the disease…and move forward toward recovery. This book is rich with information, wisdom, and guidance. For more information go to