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An acquaintance sat across the table from another woman. They are both life coaches. They had previously chatted on the phone and were now meeting IRL. One asked the other to tell her about herself – sometimes the hardest and most pointless question ever. She gave her an off the cuff list of what she values in a way to describe who she is. You can read her post here. And she challenged others to do the same.

Here are mine (Sharon Elaine Williams Rainey):
I am a feeler – I feel my own emotions intensely, unceasingly, and without organization. I feel them as they come, big, small, trivial, life changing.
I am an empath – I feel everyone else’s feelings too. With no filter, no order, and no directions.
I am writer – I have an incessant need to process my feelings through writing. And I have an incessant need to share my writing with others. The words swirl in my head endlessly until I write them down.
sharon6thbirthdaywtihcakeI think in words. Pictures are hard for me. Auditory processing is almost nil, so if you want me to remember it, you better write it down and send it to me in an email – because my memory is also shitty.
I am a connector. I never seem to know THE some one or thing, but I usually know someone who knows THE some one or thing.
I despise conflict. I want everyone to get along. We don’t have to agree, but I demand everyone around me be respectful. If we don’t have respect, we don’t have much else.
I am a recovering addict – I have 28 years’ experience of living life on life’s terms, which is still a challenge for me. So I still attend 12 Step meetings to help me remember that the only person, place or thing I can control is ME.
I am a learner – I am always looking for the lesson in my daily life. I like to try to learn things the first time around so I don’t have to review them over and over in new situations.
I believe that some of my life lessons relate to authenticity, suffering, compassion, connecting, and healing.
sharononbedreadingcomicsI am authentic – ask me how I am and I will tell you. I will tell you my struggles, my challenges, my gratitude, my grief, my quirks, my aspirations, my passion.
I am honest – I do not lie. I try to make things right when they might be wrong.
I have an intense compulsion to connect with others – I despise small talk. Don’t discuss the weather or politics (Lord, have mercy) with me. Instead, tell me your dreams, your passions, your goals, your secrets. Tell me what you love, how you love, why you love. Connect with me. REALLY CONNECT.
jeffandsharonkissingI believe in independence – having the right to do what you must, where you must, when you must, without others’ interference and without interfering with others’ rights.
I believe in kindness – genuine kindness, to everyone around me, big and small, worthy and “unworthy” (they usually need it the most).
I believe in community – in helping one another wherever and whenever possible, so long as it is not to my own detriment. That last part is something I just learned in the last decade.
I believe in God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I believe in Heaven.
I was a victim. I am a survivor. And I am determined to thrive on a daily basis.