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I’ve had an ear infection for almost a week now. If you have had one, you understand the pain. Today, I feel drained, exhausted, sore, and bummed. I’m sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I return to the ENT physician tomorrow for a re-check.

But this experience is a good reminder to me of the importance of “full participation in the healing process.”

It’s not just what the doctor prescribes us that will heal us. We, as patients, have to do our part as well.

That includes the obvious
– follow doctor’s orders
– Don’t do anything you think your doctor (or family) might not consider good for healing
– Eat healthy foods
– Laugh for at least 30 minutes each day
And what I consider to be most important . . . . find a best part of your day.

Now, like I said, not all days are good days. Some days are just not good days.

But even as my Dad was dying in the hospital, I found a best part of each day. I found gratitude for something. And finding gratitude is a key element to healing.

12Wolf_TrapAs Dad lay dying, I found gratitude for the conversations we had, for the laughter and memories we could share, for the intimacy and love shown and felt between us. I could also find gratitude for the end of Dad’s suffering, for him making the final transition to heaven, and for a caring staff to help him in his final days.

So maybe it wasn’t a good day yesterday. Maybe today won’t be a good day. But somewhere, look hard, and find the best part of your day. As you search, you might notice your overall attitude improving. And you might find yourself truly searching to find the good in each transaction throughout your day.

The best part of my day yesterday, though I was teary and tired and sad, the best part of my day was being able to look through thousands of digitized photos of my family and friends, sharing memories of very special events, noticing little facial gestures that I found precious. By the end of the day, I felt very fortunate to be a part of this family, to be gifted with so much love from every angle of my life.

Dad and me - I was 3. He was 36.

Dad and me – I was 3. He was 36.