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DadandMeBrickWallAppropriate, Clear, Normal, Unremarkable, Usual
Appear too many times,
Used in circumstances I consider unimaginable and unacceptable.

Too many measurements and percentages
Absent of emotion.

“Organs glisten”
So does the morning dew,
But I cannot associate the two

Listed Causes of Death
Sepsis and Luminal Thrombus
Relieve my guilt, certifying we did all we could
But do not soften the searing intensity of my grief

It confirms what we thought
It denies what we feared

It details the physical condition a man left this dimension in to proceed to another.
It is void of spirit and emotion.

An autopsy provides data for information and analysis.

My friend who advised me against reading the document,
Reading it himself and
Translating only the necessary information,
Is as good a friend as he is a physician.
He knows I need spirit and emotion to describe my father.
He knows there is more to any person’s life (and death) than data.

EarleSmiling - Version 2An autopsy does not measure Dad’s:
– generosity
– compassion
– integrity
– commitment
– thoughtfulness
– passion
– determination
– kindness
– service to others
– impeccable standards
– love for and dedication to his wife, his daughters, his sons-in-law, and most assuredly his grandchildren

Sharon & Earle laughing at during Gayle and Ken's wedding reception. October, 2014

Sharon & Earle laughing at during Gayle and Ken’s wedding reception. October, 2014

Nor does the autopsy illustrate or display Dad’s:
– southern drawl
– panache for telling a good joke
– extensive reading interests
– political savvy
– stellar ethics
– adaptive social skills
– admonishment of mediocrity
– firm, welcoming handshake and the smile and eye contact that followed
– deeply rooted spiritual foundation
– genuine gentlemanly manner
– lavish mentoring

The autopsy also doesn’t give me directions to or the combination to Dad’s version of Fibber McGee’s closet.

The autopsy does not gauge how:
– deeply loved
– thoroughly popular
– intensely indispensable
– widely respected
– infinitely admired
– sorely missed
– highly decorated
– straightforwardly appreciated
– and yes, again, deeply, deeply loved

My Dad
Is, and
Ever will be.

Sharon Rainey
September 5, 2016