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Fifteen months apart, I bore witness to two Fathers’ deaths.

12Wolf_TrapEach Father
Loved unconditionally
Fretted about their children’s happiness
Made mistakes
Made amends
Worked earnestly and fervently for their family, their community, and their country
Honored their wives for their entire marriage
Respect those who earned it
Donated to causes they believed worthy
Gave generously of knowledge, wisdom, experience, and insight

JimandJeff - Version 2Each Father
Knew departure was within days and hours
Was surrounded by family, by love
Said all that was needed to say to each soul sharing the room
Accepted our love and our final words
as their final gifts from here

Each Father,
In the last hours of the last days,
In the final words,
Said to me,
I love you.

Each Father
Accepted death as God’s Will and God’s Plan.
Accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.
Ascended into the Kingdom of Heaven
Was brought to God by their beloved.
Was fully restored and
Became an angel of God.

This I know.