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EarleWilliamsTandCAfter 26 days in the hospital, my dad died this past Good Friday at 5:43 am.

We didn’t know his illness was terminal until a week before he passed.  Until then, my sisters and I kept vigil 24/7, promising never to leave Dad alone as per his request.

I am attaching his obituary here.  Many people in the Northern Virginia area knew my dad (Earle C. Williams).  He left quite a legacy for so many.

Visitation will be at Fairfax Memorial Funeral Home on Wednesday from 2-4 pm and 6-8 pm.

The funeral is tentatively set for Thursday morning, exact time and location still being determined.  It has been a bit difficult to get things locked in on a holiday weekend.

Death, grief, sadness, all play a significant part in a person’s healing or lack therof. I am very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are sensitive to my physical needs for rest and quiet.  But as anyone who has experienced the death of a parent or close grandparent knows, this is not easy.

I still can’t talk much. Just going through the motions and trying to take care of Mom. Please pray for her to find comfort and peace during this time.  They were married for 64 years.

I cry at the oddest, insignificant and significant moments.

“Who will say grace?” was today’s moment.