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LaurieFoleyMy friend whom I have never met in person, Laurie Foley, entered hospice this week.

You know when you talk to someone about something that you have been seeking wisdom for and they just HAVE it? Like it’s no big deal? And you are standing there trying to figure out how the hell to get a piece of it? You know . . . when you want what they have . . .

I want Laurie’s heart, her wisdom.

My favorite line in here: “I spent many, many, many hours on the Internet scared the crap outta me, and it just made me want more control. But what I learned in the process of all that suffering, through wanting control, was that what felt better was to make a choice. So the power – MY power – lies in making a choice, not in having control.”,%20and%20entitlement%20into%20hope