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I am from
The Source
Lover of Light and Laughter

I am from dancing and playing Angels and petulant Souls
I am from Priests
Assigned Sacred Tasks
I collect the sacred tears, the profound sadness
Offering alms.

I am from a groovy, magical, mysterious pink waiting room
filled with fresh blossoms and sunlight.
I am from vast Grand Canyon abstract landscapes,
deep as the suffering in your soul.

I am from Blue eyes and Green eyes and Brown eyes.
I am from Eyes that see only my Soul and Hearts that love me with all.

I am a Channel, a Translator, a part of and sometimes a part from
I am Connected and Isolated instantly and eternally

I am from what was, what is, what cannot and yet will be.
I am from grey Dust, emerald Gems.

I write,
I sing, I suffer,
I wonder, I wander
I heal and I return
All in Love.

Sharon Rainey 2.18.16