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I’m here to remind you of signs to look for in a deep vein thrombosis. I want to be that earworm that you think about when you are on a long car ride or plane ride and you probably aren’t moving your legs enough.

On May 8th of 2015, I was admitted to the hospital with a DVT in my left leg, starting at my ankle and coming up to my femoral vein. I had waited two weeks to see a physician. My leg was so swollen I couldn’t fit a shoe on anymore. That is the only reason I went to a doctor. I had no pain, no specific tenderness, no red spots, no veins suddenly appearing.

I had just a swollen leg.


I also had pulmonary emboli. I couldn’t catch my breath. But I didn’t realize how bad that breathlessness was until it started to resolve. My aunt died of a pulmonary embolism while being treated for Lyme disease. I should have known better.

What could be more incredible than surviving two weeks of an untreated blood clot the length of my leg?

Finding out that two years prior, I had survived another significant “pulmonary event” – I THOUGHT I had a Baker cyst in the back of my other leg that had exploded.

DVT May 6 2015I had a swollen leg that was tender. I never went to see a physician for it. I was busy taking care of our niece who had just had her tonsils out. The Doppler study that I had in May showed it was definitely a DVT that resolved on its own. The vascular surgeon kept telling me how lucky I am.

Having these co-infections of Lyme disease tends to make our blood thicker. Inflammation can do nasty things to us that we aren’t even aware of.

When you are sitting at your desk, on in a car, or on a plane, make your feet do the Happy Dance. Pump your legs, get the blood flowing and moving. Remember, it can happen anywhere to anyone.

And if you have a swollen leg or swollen arm and can’t figure out why, get it checked out.