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I’m not a fan of resolutions. I found this on a few people’s blogs and so I am stealing it! I started the list but then my thoughts started to wander . . .

A new skill I would like to learn: Well, I would like to learn how to quilt, but I think that would be the start of a new obsession/addiction. I think I have enough skills that I have learned; I just need to hone them a bit more. I hope to have two of my books published in 2016 and I have ideas for two more, so writing is what I really want to do more of.

A person I hope to be more like: maybe because it is the anniversary of his death, but I want to be more like Jim Rainey b/c he was a man who exuded pure kindness. I want that.

A bad habit I would like to break: Biting my nails? I wouldn’t put money on this one though.

A place I would like to visit: Turks and Caicos – going there very soon!

A book I would like to read: I have about 150 on my Want to Read list . . . I don’t think it will ever reduce to below 50.

A letter I am going to write: I already wrote it. I thanked Brightview Senior Living for the care they gave my father in law during his last three months of life. It has been a year, but I wanted them to know we still appreciate all they did for him.

A food I am going to try: Hmm . . . I am pretty open to trying new foods, so I guess I will have to see what comes up. Jeff is the best chef ever, so I have already tried many, many things.

I am going to do better at: being patient with the healing process. Ok, I really don’t think my patience level is going to improve, but that’s what I want to improve.

I will remember: That just because I can help someone doesn’t mean I have to.   Especially when it comes to my detriment. A good friend reminded me of that this week and it helped me in making some major decisions.

So these are interesting goal setting ideas, but realistically, what do I plan for 2016?

I plan to start treatment for Babesia.

I plan to publish two books (Lyme Savvy: Treatment Insights for Lyme Patients and Practitioners and The Best Part of My Day Healing Journal)

I plan to start writing at least one more book and maybe two

I plan to spend more time in nature and with my husband.

I plan to start walking again and remain free of any further blood clots.

I plan to raise my face to the sun more often and to soak in the warmth.

I plan to listen to our wind chimes more often.

I plan to play with our dogs every day.

I pray every year that my parents don’t die. I know this is inevitable, but I am just being honest here. I pray that 2016 is not the year that I lose a parent.

I pray that our children will be happy, healthy, and able to take care of themselves in doing what they love.

I pray that our children spend time with people who admire, respect, and love them as much as we do.

I pray that none of our dogs die this year.

I am letting go of others’ transgressions. I’m letting them off the hook.

I am letting go of our house “stuff” that is cluttering us physically and spiritually.

I am remaining steadfast with the number one question I ask myself when trying to make a decision: Will this help me heal?

I am trying to accept this Babesia diagnosis and letting it bring me the lessons I need to learn. But I remain steadfast in wishing this would be a curable disease. I know my LLMD is going to do all he can to heal me. So I am in this 100% for the “cure”, not just for the “treatable.”

Jeff and I will probably be asleep when the ball drops. I have found that rest and sleep are key elements of my healing. So I don’t fight the fatigue as much anymore.

My wish for everyone?


Whether it is physical, emotional, or spiritual. Or any combination thereof.

Here’s to healing from the cellular level and up.

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