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I like this interview for numerous reasons:
He explains what his experience was in the practice and what he was seeing that didn’t fit in with borrelia – which led him to Bartonella
He explains the difference between #Borrelia and #Bartonella
He talks about big data and genome sequencing coming soon at a cheaper rate
He talks about biofilms
He talks about the other diseases that are confused with Bartonella – just a set of symptoms, not a diagnosis. Love that.
He emphasizes the importance of finding the root cause.
He talks about not being able to sleep at night until he can fix the problem – that’s very comforting to the patients. Shows how much compassion and drive he has.
He places emphasis on personalizing the healing process for each patient.
He talks about the politics and if we do it the “old way” the patients would have to wait 17-21 years for something to change. Great ending.