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The past few weeks, I have been coming into Starbucks with my laptop and earbuds, listening to Joni Mitchell, Alicia Keys, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige and other strong women belting our their pain and strength and determination. I’ve been determined to finish my Lyme Savvy manuscript and to start on my third book, a Healing Journal that I can sell as a companion piece to Lyme Savvy.

This effort has been quite successful thus far. The Lyme Savvy manuscript is in final edits with the co-author right now. And I am about half way done with the Healing Journal. I thought I might be able to knock out the rest of it in the next few weeks. I was on a roll.

Yesterday morning, I packed up my laptop and left Starbucks for my three-month post DVT (blood clot) check up with my vascular surgeon. I fully expected him to say, “All is well.” Yeah, not quite.

I have GSV Superficial Thrombophlebitis which evidently is a precursor condition that creates a perfect storm condition for blood clots and strokes. All in all, it’s not a big deal. I will have a procedure done in his office where they make an incision in the groin and go in and laser shut the vein, thus preventing any possibility of another DVT. Today, I am going in to get the right leg checked to make sure it’s just one vein we are talking about.

How does this relate to Lyme, Bartonella, or Protozoa? Lyme, Bartonella, and Protozoa cause a chronic inflammatory condition in the patient’s body. Everything is inflamed. Wherever the immune system is the weakest is where the disease will tend to attack first.

So when people ask if this is Lyme related, I answer yes because if I didn’t have the chronic inflammation, this probably would not have happened.

And this leads me to my second point.

Yesterday, a very dear friend of ours, Bambi Albert, suffered a major stroke and is in the hospital. Bambi is a primary component in the war against Lyme Disease. She is outspoken, hilarious, blunt, compassionate, and willing to help others at any time of day or night.

Someone asked, “Was the stroke caused by her Lyme?” and I answered yes. Again, Bambi suffers from a chronic inflammatory condition — primed for a blood clot, stroke, or heart attack. Bambi suffered her first stroke in 2008 while in treatment for Lyme. She swore off those meds and chose another route to heal her disease. She was just recently re-infected and was feeling the pain.

The Lyme community knows well the risks we run for additional complications from our disease. But I think the general community has no idea of the possibilities and frequency of such traumas.

That’s why I am talking about these two events today. I want the non-Lymies to “GET IT,” to understand we are not simply fighting a tick bite or a cat scratch. We are fighting for our lives. This is not an unassuming disease that takes a few weeks of antibiotics and we go on our way.

My procedure is simple and curative.

Bambi’s recovery will be long, arduous, and complex.

For now, Bambi is silent, in a medically induced coma allowing her body and brain to rest and heal.

For now, I am one of many (I hope) who will speak in Bambi’s stead.

I will continue raising awareness of the complexities of our disease.

I will continue to demand that the general medical community take notice of us, to treat our diseases as they should be instead of recommending counseling.

I will continue to protest the persecution of our Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs).

I will continue to offer the hope of healing for those still stuck in the trenches of this horrible disease.

I will continue to speak out at events, in my writing, with my friends, my coworkers, and even the grocery store clerk.

I will not stop even once Bambi is fully recovered. If Bambi can do all this outreach work after a stroke, I can do it after a DVT.


I am praying for Bambi’s recovery and full healing and I ask that you do as well.

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Bambi Albert

Bambi Albert