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Here are mine; feel free to send me yours!

A – Alcoholics Anonymous – a program that saved my life and my sanity from the age of 25 and forward.

B – Bartonella – the co-infection of Lyme disease that controlled my life for too many years.

C – Cavalier King Charles dogs – We have four of them. With the puppies that Lola had, we were housing 10 dogs in our house this year for about 5 months. CRAZY.

D – Depression; a disease I suffered from for too many years.

E – Email; it’s the best way to communicate with me.

F – Facebook; my newest way to connect with people. Yes, it can be a timewaster, but it has given me so many new friendships, insights, connections.

G – Glasses since I was three I think. Tried contacts and scratched my cornea three times. Glasses it is. Colorful glasses. I like them in pink, turquoise, and purple.

H – Hair – long because that’s how my husband loves it. Blonde to cover the gray and always with a surprise color underneath. Today’s color: raspberry pink!

I – Introverted. In a big way. I could be very happy living in the southwest, seeing no one and just staying connected via email.

J – Jeffrey; my best friend, my husband, my lover – married 24.5 years.

K – Knitting and counted cross stitch and needlepoint – hobbies that keep me focused and calm.

L – Lyme disease – a disease that killed my aunt and sickened too many members of my family.

M – – my creation, my business, my way of connecting with my Neighbors without having to dress up every day..

N – North – an area I am not too familiar with and don’t feel a need to be. Just keep me in the southwest with deserts and open vistas. Better yet, just take me to White Sands again.

O – Organic food; I used to think it was a scam for consumers; now I try to eat only organic food. It has helped me heal.

P – Pearls – my favorite jewelry and I wrote a book titled, “Making a Pearl from the Grit of Life.”

Q – I am a collector of Quotes that I like. I keep a database of them.

R – Research that my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD) has done is what has helped me heal. I wouldn’t be here without his tenacity and brilliance.

S – Stepchildren and Stephen; Heather and Joey came to me when they were 8 and 10. Stephen is the one I gave birth to.

T – Texas – my place of birth (El Paso)

U – Underwire bra – a necessary evil that comes off when I walk in the door at the end of the day.

V – Vyvanse and Provigil – the only way I can wake up each morning.

W – Williams, my maiden name. Raised by two amazing parents.

X – Solving for X, but not necessarily in Algebra – just trying to learn God’s lessons for me and doing His will.

Y – Years on this earth: 52 – and I never mind people knowing my age. I like to CELEBRATE life!

Z – Zoos – can’t stand them since I went to one in Okinawa Japan that was nothing but cement slabs surrounded by iron bars. The animals were despondent and it showed.