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Here’s Why Letting People ‘In’ Honors Your Relationships

Sometimes I dream of finding a place where I can be alone in a crowd, where there is no TV, no radio, and possibly, if I am lucky, no working cell phone. That’s a place I dream of writing and editing and getting so much work done.

Be careful what you pray for. It’s 9 PM on a Friday night, and I am in the local hospital’s Short Stay Cardiac Observation Unit. They actually put me in a quiet spot, lights out. I haven’t turned on the TV, and my cell phone is working sporadically.

WVM August 2014 Sharon Rainey COMM Image 1I’ve been in this hospital for almost twelve hours. In the same unit my husband was in just a few months ago when he had a heart attack. I didn’t have a heart attack. I had pressure and shortness of breath for the past two weeks and worse the past two days.

“And why did you wait two weeks to see a physician,” asked the nurse, and the physician, and my husband.

“Because denial was working pretty well for me for those two weeks; this morning, not so much,” I replied.

I asked a friend to take me to the emergency room today, because my father in law is here visiting. And, he isn’t doing too well physically, so I felt Jeff had enough on his hands to worry about.

Plus the puppies we have are cute, but they are work. Then there is his job. You know, just a lot of “stuff” going on. So I told him I was running errands with Deb.

That was good for five hours. Then I had to call him and tell him where I was and that they were keeping me for the night. Oh boy, he was not happy with me for keeping this secret from him. Ok, well we worked that out.

But then, Jeff wanted to tell my sisters and my parents and… I didn’t want anyone to know, because nothing had been discovered yet, and frankly, I feel a little stupid being in here right now. I think I overreacted. I mean, if it was something, wouldn’t it show back up by now? (Don’t worry; I know the real answer to that.)

So, now my sisters know, and my parents know, and I just realized with my sketchy Internet access that everyone on Facebook knows… all 4419 of my friends and 4706 of his friends. Thanks, Jeffrey.

But, you know what? Yes, I feel a bit stupid for getting people worried, because I saw a whole of people come into that ER with conditions more life threatening than mine. But, I am grateful for the friends who have sent me messages and emails with notes of encouragement, offers of prayers, and just plain love.

Oh, and thanks for the two puns sent my way! I do believe in the power of prayer, so I really appreciate those prayers. I believe in the healing power of laughter, so I will read many puns and watch some outtakes from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”

And, I will remain grateful for the connectedness we each have with another. I will remember my denial is only fear masked, and by letting people who love me in, I am honoring our relationship.

Gulp. That was really hard to write. Because by not letting people in (including my hubby), I was NOT honoring our relationship. And, that is such an unhealthy place to be.

Lesson learned. We are all connected. We are all connected through love. To honor that love, we must stay connected and help one another in any way possible.

So send me more puns please!