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Please read my challenge to everyone to “Share Your Love”

The over-commercialism of Valentine’s Day often annoys me.  For me, too much attention is given to romance.  The cards are big and glittery.  Women are dressed in red or pink; men are wearing red ties.

At work everyone looks at the door each time it opens to see if they are the ones receiving the flower delivery.  This focus leaves too many people feeling left out and alone.  I hate it when people feel left out simply because they don’t have a romantic partner.

I know it’s about ‘love,’ but the ads are all focused on ‘romance.’  I grew up feeling like the odd girl out, so I guess I might be a little hyper-sensitive to this matter.  But it’s important for me to feel that a day about love needs to be all-inclusive, not exclusive.

I also hate the pressure Valentine’s Day puts on the couple (buying roses, dinner out, etc).  The cost of one day to publically show your affection for another person can easily run into hundreds of dollars just with the flowers or the dinner, depending on where you go.  In current economic conditions, this can be just too much.

I have always told my husband specifically not to buy me roses for Valentine’s Day.  Instead, he brings me spring flowers.  They remind me the sun and spring are soon to arrive.  And I prefer them anyway.  I want the vibrant rainbow colors to shine on my desk.  And, they are usually far more impressive than any other arrangement around!

We usually have dinner at home, because he can cook better than almost any restaurant.  And we hate paying money to be rushed through an expensive dinner in a crowded restaurant with no privacy.  So if we do go out, we make it for a week or so later.  But truly, I prefer sitting in our dining room, with candlelight and a great meal, and privacy!

I also think things are different than they were say 40 years ago.  I remember getting a card from my parents on Valentine’s Day, but that was it.  It wasn’t a big production. Now, I see Valentine’s Day baskets similar to Easter baskets, filled with chocolates, candy, and stuffed animals.

Jeff does give flowers to his daughter every year, regardless of whether or not she is dating anyone.  I love that.  I love that he has that special bond with her, and it’s about a father’s love for his daughter.  And I know she likes it too.

But this year, I want us all to think outside the box; think about those we may not necessarily have at the top of our list.  First, I challenge you to keep it simple.  Secondly, I challenge you to recognize more than just those immediately around you.

Today, I challenge you to treat this date differently.  Instead of making it about chocolate, candy, and roses, make it about showing your love and appreciation for others.  Today, I want you to do something to Share Your Love…

for the earth,
for a friend,
for a stranger,
for someone older,
for someone younger,
for someone sicker,
in more need,
and someone feeling more down than you have felt.

… And, let me know how it works out.