Posted on Nov 26, 2013 in Blog |

It all happened so fluidly that I almost didn’t recognize the pattern until I awakened yesterday morning from sleeping 11.5 hours through the night.

The past few weeks have been tension filled, stressful days in anticipation of the year’s end, the holidays, and trying to get our Lyme Savvy manuscript completed for my co-author and the editor to go through. Jeff’s dad also arrived for a two-week stay with us.

I had a developing pain in my neck that started spreading across my shoulders and up into the base of my neck. I was doing physical therapy, dry needling, toradol shots, and massage to try to get it to loosen up. Then, I started getting migraines; something I hadn’t dealt with in years.

At the same time, my fatigue was increasing. And, instead of listening to my body and RESTING, I went to Starbucks and ordered Soy Chais with no water. Get the caffeine in me to boost the energy, I thought. Oops, did that chai have sugar in there too?

Then the sugar cravings started . . . and several nights ago, I ate an entire box of Entemann’s chocolate covered donuts. An entire box (minus two that someone else in the house took care of).

I’m trying to stay up with Jeff’s dad who is visiting, so I haven’t been going into the bedroom and resting.

I went to the local shopping center tonight and it took me ten minutes to find a parking spot next to Whole Foods.

And in the past 24 hours, I received some really bad news about some good friends of mine: cancer, heart issues, children with critical issues, etc. It took my breath away.

Stress, stress, stress.

So, this is directed to the Lymies especially, but it can apply to everyone.

Take care of yourself first. If the stress has increased, increase the rest and self-care. I plan to rest more each day, lying down. I plan to reduce that sugar intake significantly, even on Thanksgiving. I have cut out of the caffeine.

I can’t change my friends’ bad news. And I can’t help them at all if I am not taking care of myself and not healthy. So the best thing I can do to help others right now is to take care of myself.

I feel a keen sense of gratitude for my life, family and friends. But I’m here to remind everyone that taking care of ourselves is still one of the best gifts we can give ourselves and those same families and friends.