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Day 20-May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month

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Galaxy Diagnostics offers the most sensitive test for the detection of active Bartonella infection.

Our Bartonella ePCRTM (or EnrichmentPCRTM) test combines the patented BAPGM enrichment culture with a highly sensitive molecular method to significantly increase the odds of detection. The test includes pre- and post-culture PCR results and DNA sequencing verification for all positive results to confirm the exact species of infection. Performance data indicates that this novel testing methodology is 4 to 5 times more sensitive than existing PCR tests for Bartonella and at least 2 times more sensitive than IFA serology.

Bartonella are hard-to-detect, vector-borne bacteria linked to both acute and chronic disorders affecting the joints, neurological system, and vascular system. Over 25 species of Bartonella have been identified, with 10-12 species now linked to human disease. Transmission is thought to occur by way of animal bites and scratches and from contact with fleas, ticks, lice, and sand flies. Current research indicates that individuals with high levels of animal and vector contact are particularly at risk for Bartonella infection.

The most common species of infection are Bartonella henselae, the key agent in Cat Scratch Disease, and Bartonella quintana, the key agent in Trench Fever. Well established as a cause of life-threatening complications in immune-compromised patients (i.e., HIV patients), Bartonella infection is one of the most important emerging infectious diseases currently under study.

The diagnosis of Bartonella infection is seriously hampered by high false negative rates associated with existing testing technologies. We offer a testing methodology with significant gains in sensitivity and the highest level of certainty regarding the specificity of our test results. Our approach to providing this testing service is anchored in the emerging research on Bartonella infection and centered upon the highest possible standards of laboratory practice.