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Day 25 – May is Lyme Disease Awareness Month. We had a rally at Freedom Plaza in Washington DC today. I was one of the speakers. My assigned topic was “Green Smoothies.”

When I sat down to write this speech, I put on a work out shirt that my Aunt Betty wore in her last months while she underwent treatment for Lyme Disease. She died from complications of Lyme in 2002 at the age of 57.

I wanted her spirit to be with me as I prepared for today. So, Aunt Betty, this is for you.

I was originally diagnosed in 2009 with Bartonella and Babesia. After a 22-month course of oral abx, I have now tested clear for Bartonella for 2 years.

I’m still working on that pesky Protomyzxoa Rheumatica.

My point is that it IS possible to heal from this disease.

Things I never thought I would never be doing five years ago:

1. considering coffee enemas

2. writing my second book

3. scheduling laughter time every day with a dose of the television comedy Big Bang Theory

4. taking extra time to play with my puppies because it makes me feel good

5. going without makeup for weeks at a time

6. taking 50 pills a day and being grateful for every single one, knowing each has a specific healing task

7. and drinking green smoothies, willingly . . .

Green smoothies are the metaphor for how my healing started.

Three and a half years ago when I started treatment, my physician was very gentle. And in a subtle way, he told me I would be going through many changes in order to heal. I heard him, but I didn’t truly understand exactly what changes I would undergo.

I did hear him say over and over, “Your number one job for at least the next year is to heal.

Every decision you make should be based on the question of ‘will this help me heal?’” If the answer is no, then don’t do it.

First came the “learning to say no”, restricting my schedule, required resting periods. I didn’t go out after 5 pm. I only did one activity each weekend.

Now some of this happened as a result of my meds, being in treatment, and surviving those cute little episodes we call herxes. Sometimes I didn’t have a choice of staying in bed for the weekend. But after the first six months, I noticed I was getting a tiny bit better.

At the beginning, I originally scored high on arsenic poisoning. I read a 2006 study from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy that intimated I might want to try eating organic chicken. I did and my arsenic poisoning disappeared. So, I branched out and now eat mostly organic foods, fruits and vegetables.

Then, six months into my treatment, my physician suggested I try green smoothies to help with some of my other digestive problems. My reply was quick, “Next topic because I am so not doing that . . .”

But he planted a seed.

And when I was miserable enough, and ready, I reconsidered the suggestion.

Then a fellow Lymie urged me to try it. He reminded me that green smoothies reduce inflammation. They help heal the digestive tract. They regulate the body. They are great sources of B vitamins.

I kept saying, “if it doesn’t taste good, I am not drinking it.” He gave me a recipe and I tried it. Just fruit, spinach and water in the blender.

And it helped my digestive system. A lot. So I made another one and another one and another one.

Then my husband came and made a few suggestions. He wanted me to add carrots and celery and chia seeds.

And his favorite: beets.

He liked the “nutrient dense” green smoothies.

“Come on, you need to drink these! They are GOOD for you!” he would insist. But it came down to this for me: either I can drink a simple one with fruit and veges, or I can not drink them at all.

So he drinks the nutrient dense smoothies and I don’t.

I keep my green smoothies very simple: fruit and vegetables and water. If I want to get exotic, I add raw unfiltered honey, or coconut oil. But for the most part, I like them simple.

When I drink green smoothies, my whole body feels better in an indescribable way. It’s an overall feeling of wellbeing that disappears when I go more than three days without green smoothies.

Now, I drink green smoothies because they are good for me, because I like them, and because they make me feel better. I know they are a part of my healing process.

But green smoothies are a lot like our treatment protocols: one size doesn’t fit all.

Each is a little different, with different ingredients. No two are the same. There is no one “right” way. Everyone responds differently and therefore the differences need to be respected.

Everyone has their own path way to healing.

So if your healing includes chia seeds and beets, more power to you. But if you need just fruit, greens, water and a teaspoon of honey, go for it!