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April 28th – I have accepted The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge to write daily about my disease. #HAWMC @wegohealth

What have I learned about being a patient that surprised me the most?

I was flabbergasted as I went through the initial process of getting the Lyme diagnosis and how many medical professionals chastised, degraded, ignored, and negated me as I asked questions to the get to the bottom of the issue.

I was shocked by how many physicians threw prescriptions at me and even admitted that they would not look for the source of my pain. Rather, they would only treat me symptomatically.

I have learned to:
– listen to and trust my gut
– advocate for my own health (and my family’s)
– always ask questions
– approach any medical professional as a team member; they don’t view it that way, I change physicians.
– Once I find the right physician, trust him and work WITH him.