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April 5th – I have accepted The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge to write daily about my disease for the month of April. #HAWMC @wegohealth

Topic: What am I thankful for / excited about / inspired by.

When I was initially diagnosed in 2009, Facebook was not very common, and certainly didn’t have all the support / interest groups that it has now. My physician warned me about online groups, that they can be very depressing and hopeless. I had to find my way around, find the people who would help me, and as they say, ‘stick with the winners.’ Attitude is key in beating this disease. It is critical to stay with those who have hope, who are compliant in their treatment protocols, who don’t ‘stir the pot.’ But Facebook is a key place for me to connect with other Lymies and to commiserate and to share the message of hope and healing.

I also like to have coffee with fellow Lymies at least once a month; it’s important to see each other and cheer one another along this journey. It’s also good to just get out of the house and be with someone who understands.

I don’t do support groups so much anymore. I ran one for a while, but it actually got too depressing. I need to see hope; I need to be surrounded by positive energy. Sometimes those who are in too much pain, I just can’t be around them for too long a time.

I am inspired by those who don’t give up, patients and physicians alike.

I am excited by my LLMD’s success rate and his ability to treat patients regardless of their medical conditions. He is amazing to watch in action. Even when patients don’t have Lyme or a co-infection of Lyme, he has been able to figure out what they do have and successfully treat them.

I am thankful for my parents who enable me to see the best LLMD. I am convinced that if I had not found him when i did, i would be dead by now.

I am thankful for fellow Lymies who make me laugh, cry with me, and accept me with all my limitations and weirdness.

I am thankful for having a son and husband who went through treatment together with me. And we survived. In fact, going through this treatment together strengthened our family.

Most of all, I am thankful to be healing and surrounded in love.