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April 9th – I have accepted The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge to write daily about my disease. #HAWMC @wegohealth

Create the perfect care package for your fellow Lymies.

My care package is going to be pretty big . . . and it might not exactly come in a box . . .
An LLMD who knows how to treat your infections and co-infections.
A pharmacy that fills everything on time and in the correct dosages and is open 24/7.
A maid – to make your bed daily with fresh sheets and do all your laundry and keep you house immaculate.
A chef – to cook you organic, fresh meals and snacks. The chef will know all the detox foods, all the right types of foods for you and will be an expert juicer and green smoothie maker.
A massage therapist for weekly massages and a reflexologist when you can’t handle full body massages.
An acupuncturist
A physical therapist to help you build balance and strength.
A gardener – to keep your lawn immaculate so when you finally have the energy to get out of bed, you can sit outside and soak in the sounds and smells of nature; and to grow you organic vegetables.
A puppy to lie with you in bed as you heal.
A free Netflix account so you can watch everything in bed with no commercials.
Slippers in all colors and designs – just because we all need something cute to look at and feel warm on our feet.
A big soaking tub that is easy to get into and get out of.
End of the Bed heating pad – for those with peripheral neuropathy.
A best friend who will keep loving you no matter what.
A daily dose of your favorite comedy to keep you laughing.
A car that never breaks down.
A monthly pedicure and manicure.
No food allergies.
No mold in your home.
A backscratcher to get to those itchy places.
Lipgloss. Because every woman needs lipgloss.
A fan with remote control to help reduce hot flashes
Snacks to keep in your purse so you don’t run low on energy and break down and buy fast food.
Strong sunglasses to filter out the sun and prevent migraines.
A hairdresser who comes to your house so you don’t have to sit up for very long and make smalltalk.
A smartphone with a camera so you can take a photo of all the weird skin rashes you get.
An endless supply of cute, comfortable pajamas.
A laundry room on the same floor as your bedroom.
A daily card or note from friends and family who cheer you on in your healing.