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I received this email today from someone who is just beginning the treatment journey: ‘Having just started this thing, I am already depressed and zonkered by the meds. I have done nothing but sleep this first week on the ABX. I am ”dropping” a lot…I did this afternoon, and no one in the house heard me call, which sort of scares me. And then the leg stays numb and I get upset. The meds and everything make me cry a lot. I am chalking it all up to the treatment, though it is at times very hard to see otherwise. I have never been brought so low for so long.’

To this patient: HANG IN THERE. It will get better. It is literally three steps forward, and two steps back. I know how you feel; I know what you are going through. Some of the symptoms will temporarily worsen; other symptoms can suddenly develop. And then a few weeks later, you will feel a little bit better. Not a lot. Just a little. And then you will go in the cycle again.

Unfortunately, our healing is not linear. It cycles. Some days are a little better, and some are worse. Just hang in there. Eventually, the scale will tip and you will have more better days than worse.

To the family and friends of Lyme patients: Give the patient the gift of love, compassion and understanding. S/He may not look sick, but they feel HORRIBLE inside. Fix a meal for the family; do one load of laundry for them; take their children to practice; feed the animals; run to the dry cleaners for them; do something for them that takes one less trip out of bed for them. . .

Send them a card; let them know you are thinking of them. Call them. And if they don’t pick up, just leave them a quick, short message saying, ‘I’m thinking of you.’