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April 7th – I have accepted The Health Activist Writer’s Month Challenge to write daily about my disease. #HAWMC @wegohealth A snapshot of living with my disease.

Getting out of bed

#1 – By the time I got to my Lyme Literate Medical Doctor, I was in rough shape. It took me 35 minutes from the moment I awakened until I could get out of bed. My body was so stiff and sore, I had a 30 minute routine of rotating joints, bending and straightening limbs, and twisting and turning so I was limber enough to merely sit up and get out of bed.

#2 – Today I still do some twisting and rotating, but it takes less than five minutes. And I think it may be more from being 50 than from having Lyme.

Grocery shopping

#1 – When I started treatment in 2009, I could stand being in the grocery store for a maximum of 40 minutes. If I stayed 45, my legs would almost collapse. Most mothers can relate to having to leave a grocery cart in the store because their 2 year old was having a tantrum. I had to leave the cart because my legs would give out and I literally could no longer stand up.

When I pulled items off the shelves, I could not reach the bottom two shelves nor the top two shelves. It caused excruciating pain to bend over that far down or to reach that high up. So if my items were in those two spots, they didn’t get purchased.

This lasted for more than 2 years. As a result, our son Stephen did most of the grocery shopping during that time. Thank God for teenagers who love to drive.

As I improved, Jeff and I started going to Wegman’s on Sunday mornings as a semi-date.

We loved picking out the fresh fruits and vegetables for our green smoothies. But I still had that time limit, so I sat on the bench while Jeff checked us out. I didn’t have the energy for a real date, but this semi-date was a good start back towards real life. We also started going to local Farmer’s Markets together. The nice part being I could go back to the car anytime I got too tired and he could finish up without a hitch.

#2 – Two weeks ago, Stephen came shopping with me just to keep me company, not because I needed him. When I reached the bottom shelf and pulled out the laundry detergent, I raised it shoulder level as a victory move. Stephen said, ‘Come on Mom, show me what you can REALLY do now! Raise them all the way up!’ And I did. It was a small moment, and yet a really, really big moment for me; another conquest over my disease.