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April 4th – List of resources for anyone newly diagnosed and comments on labs to use for accurate testing.

First, the labs that I recommend. Please note I am not a physician and can only tell you my experience with the following labs from a patient’s perspective: – San Diego, CA – they test all the DNA bands. I believe I had The Complete Initial Lyme Panel done. It showed how many DNA bands tested positive.

Galaxy Diagnostics in North Carolina – – their testing has become more and more refined is the best testing lab for finding more than 26 strains of Bartonella. If you don’t recall a tick bite and you have cats, you want this lab to test the blood. I had the Bartonella ePCR, triple draw. Expensive, but amazingly accurate. – Fry Labs in Arizona – If you are at this point, you are hopefully seeing a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor (LLMD). He will know what tests to order.

Helpful sites:

For teaching children about Lyme Disease: