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April 3rd – #HAWMC, @wegohealth Describe a conversation with your physician.

Conversation with my doctor last Thursday, March 21st.

‘So, your protomyzoa rheumatica is now negative, but you still have a variant present,’ he said.

‘Damn you!’ I blurted out.

I just KNEW I was in remission. I had two negative tests, then a positive, then two more negative. He wants three in a row to consider it remission. I was so sure I had even planned a celebration dinner the next night with family and a friend. I was THAT sure. Yes, I still have a few symptoms, but come on . . .

It took a few minutes to sink in. I was just so certain.

‘So what’s next?’ I asked.

‘We develop a new protocol to get this last bit,’ he replied calmly. He is so good at calming me. Even his word choice: ‘bit,’ meaning tiny, miniscule.

We figure out the next protocol of meds, then I ask the dreaded question: ‘How long?’ He gives me an answer that does not include a number. So I repeat the question, ‘How long?’ 5-8 months.

Except I don’t start on the new antibiotic for another month, so I know it’s really 6-9 months.

A year ago, he told me this protocol for the PR would probably be 6-9 months. So, while I am hoping for a shortened period, I know it might be another year. The good news is that now I have killed two infections in my body over the past 3.5 years. I am stronger. What’s left is weaker. So, I am hoping it really will be just 6-9 months.

So, a third phase, unanticipated, but I know I can do it. I can kill this bastard. Just need the right combination of meds and supplements and continued healthy behaviors and thoughts.

P.S. – I did apologize for the ‘Damn you’ comment; don’t like to shoot the messenger. He understood.