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Day before yesterday, I attended my first business-networking event in more than three years. I went to business grand opening for someone I really like. I knew some people there whom I really like. I had a good time there. They had cupcakes there.

But when I got home at 7:30 pm, I knew I had done too much for the day. I was exhausted.

And actually, when I left my office at 5:30, and couldn’t find my car in our parking lot, I knew then that I was tired and probably should go straight home. But I really wanted to go. So I did.

Yesterday, I was exhausted before I even got out of bed.

Yes, fatigue is still an issue for me. However, I also have a better idea of how to handle it when it arrives.

I rest.

I rest a lot.

I rest often.

I rest completely; I lie flat on my bed, head even with my heart. It is the only way I can start to feel better.

Yesterday, I came home early from work and rested.

I will rest today.

I will probably only do one or two activities this weekend (coffee with some girl friends on Saturday morning and going to our local art show; each will be only about an hour long).

I’m working next weekend at the Take Back Your Health Conference, too. So I need to plan for that. Last time I did a conference, I didn’t plan. I ended up working ten days in a row and I paid the price dearly for that . . so next week, I won’t work full days every day. And I may take the Monday after the conference off.

For those of you who think this must be “the life,” I want to clarify here that when I am resting, I am doing nothing else. I don’t have the bandwidth to watch a movie or read a book. I don’t have the energy to knit or needlepoint. I rest. It’s not fun. And oddly enough, it’s not easy; because I really would prefer to be doing something. Anything other than resting!

But this is a necessary step in healing. I have figured that out the hard way. So now I accept it and know it’s just part of the deal I have to accept if I want to continue healing.

When I was pregnant with Stephen, I went into pre-term labor at 29 weeks and was ordered on strict bedrest for ten weeks. I remember my frustration level building because again, I wasn’t “doing” anything. I was on Turbutaline, the drug that prevents the contractions from continuing; but it’s also called the drug from hell because it makes the patient jittery, shaky, etc. Again, I couldn’t read, watch a movie, knit, or needlepoint. I could just sit.

A friend called me during that ordered bedrest and said, “Today, you are working. You are helping to grow a baby inside. Today, you are making fingernails.” Another day, she would call and say, “You are helping the eyes develop today.”

So, Lymies, today, you are working. You are killing bacteria. You are healing. You are building healthy cells. Keep resting. Keep healing.