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The title of this essay was supposed to be ‘REMISSION.’

Yep, I had my 3:30 Lyme doctor appointment where I found out the results of my third blood test for the Protomyzoa Rheumatica.
Yep, one test away from REMISSION.
Good news: the Protomyzoa Rheumatica is gone.
Bad news: I now have a variant of the PR. Another protozoic son of a bitch.

First words out of my mouth were, ‘Damn you!’ I had to qualify that as the Damn You towards the metaphoric protozoa bastard, not my physician. The old, don’t shoot the messenger thing. . . I actually usually prefer the F word when I am angry. But for some reason, today’s choice was Damn. Don’t worry, the F word has come out since.

This is my third co-infection of Lyme disease. First, I conquered Bartonella. That took 22 months. Then, I conquered the Protomyzoa Rheumatica in 13 months. The current estimate for this variant bastard is 6-9 months.

Again, another new parasite. Unknown protocol. So we developed one this afternoon. My physician is two for two on developing successful protocols so there is no reason to doubt him now. I am grateful (UNDERSTATEMENT) for his brilliance and his willingness to try. Not all physicians are as gifted or as willing.

I’m pissed. I thought I was just disappointed. I’m disappointed and angry. I want to be DONE. I want to be WELL. I want to be CURED.
Yeah, well, get in line, Sharon.

Four years ago, my health was declining exponentially. No one could figure out what was causing all my ailments. My latest diagnosis was ‘Lupus’.
Three years ago, I was six months into treatment with my very first hope that I might ‘get better.’ At that point, getting better meant not being bed ridden.
Two years ago, my nephew committed suicide and I had a setback (for obvious reasons). But I was no longer bedridden. I could do more than one activity on some weekends. I was well enough to travel to Colorado.
A year ago, I was a month into the new protocol and felt better than I had in five years.

I am healing. This is just another phase. I am winning this battle; and this war. I am healing. I’m just going to be in the foxhole a little longer than originally anticipated.

My aunt died from complications of Lyme disease in 2002 at the age of 57. This will not happen to me. I am going to win.

Bit of irony: I am currently reading The Fault in our Stars by John Greene. If you have read it, you get the irony.