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From Sharon – I don’t usually repost what other people write, but Robin Shirley has so many valid points and she says it concisely. I just think it is worthy of passing on to all . . .

Dear friends,
I think the toughest part of incorporating a healthier lifestyle is that it takes energy to make the change and follow through with it. And, if you’re wanting a healthier lifestyle because you want more energy, then you might not have the energy in the first place to implement the healthy changes! Accepting chronic fatigue and low energy levels does not have to be your reality. I have had weeks where I couldn’t lift myself off of the couch, quite literally. I can now actually jump right out of bed upon waking if I needed to. About 12 years ago I realized that I was the only one who could change my reality, so I chose to learn how to take care of my body in a way that was never taught to me, and I’ve never looked back. I wish this for you and I hope that taking these steps below will give you more energy so that you can experience life on your own terms!
Have more home-made superfood shakes and smoothies. Consuming nutrients in this form is very effective because smoothies are much easier to digest than other meals and they can be packed with more nutrients per calorie than most other foods. I always use whole fruits and vegetables, either frozen or fresh. I never use white/off-white, powdered supplements in my smoothie. They are bleached, preserved and stripped of co-nutrients that help your body assimilate the actual nutrients that the powder claims to contain. I always add superfoods such as bee pollen, sprouts, cacao nibs, hemp seeds, camu camu berry, coconut oil and spirulina.
Sleep more, please. There are so many differing opinions on how much sleep one should get. The truth is that the amount of necessary sleep is different for everyone because everyone has a different metabolism, activity level, stress level, dietary habit, geographic location, etc. All of these factors affect how much sleep you need. On top of that, the amount of sleep and the times you sleep each day of the month will fluctuate based on the moon phase. We need to let go of the strict rules around sleeping and simply sleep when our body says that it is time for bed, even if it means missing the late shows.
Do not eat another meal until you have fully digested the previous meal (at least 2-3 hours). I swear by this and it always works for me. It is based on an ancient Ayurveda principle. When you are constantly putting food in, your body never has time to focus its energy on assimilating the nutrients and excreting waste.
Meditate to process all of the conflicting input, to refresh your senses, to reconnect with meaning and purpose, to disengage with other people and to see the bigger picture. Meditation is one of the single most important tools that I have used to overcome helplessness and depression and find meaning in a life that didn’t feel worth living at times due to the chronic pain and fatigue. I recommend Kelly Howell’s Kundalini meditation cd.
Focus on only three things on your to-do list on any particular day instead of looking at the whole list. If you work from a list 2 pages long, you will get overwhelmed and end up doing less-than quality work because you didn’t use your full attention. Focused energy equals sustainable energy. Just commit to 3 tasks and complete them with your full attention. By the end of the week, you will have done at least 15 tasks and feel satisfaction in knowing you did well.
These steps are difficult to implement if you have a busy lifestyle. A tip for success is to go easy and give yourself at least a week to try out just one change. Tweak it to suite your lifestyle. Once you have mastered these lifestyle and diet changes and have felt the positive change in your body, you can take it to another level of physical and mental health-bliss! To learn more about how to take back your health, join me at the Take Back Your Health ConferenceTM in Herndon, VA!

Take care and have a wonderful weekend!
with love,
Robin Shirley
International Health Coach Association LLC