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Sharon’s Annual Christmas Letter 2012

Posted on Dec 19, 2012 in Blog |

Dear Loved Ones (that includes all friends and family!), I started this letter as Jeff and I flew back from a week’s vacation in Naples, Florida for Thanksgiving week. It seems more difficult each time to return to ‘real life.’ Eight days alone together was just the recipe for restorative healing in the physical and mental realms. It is the first time in decades that I can remember sleeping 9-10 hours nightly with no interruption. Listening to the gulf waves easing onto the beach became like breathing to me, each wave, each breath as deep as the horizon in front of us. Paradise. Heather – Heather continued her studies at George Mason University. And on December 20th, less than a month away, she will walk the stage to accept her Bachelor degree in Mind and Body Wellness. She has applied (and with her almost 4.0 GPA, I think she will be accepted) for the Masters in Social Work program also at George Mason. Heather also finally took the plunge and resigned from her position at the hair salon in order to teach yoga full time in addition to finishing up her undergraduate degree. It has been an honor to watch Heather find her passion and accomplish her goals. Her journey is just beginning in some ways and I can’t wait to see how she changes the world that she touches! Heather had back surgery in June to repair a ruptured disk that had probably been there for two years. She had to stop yoga for six weeks. But she did everything the doctor told her to do and she has made a full recovery. Back surgery is no small deal; so we are all relieved she came through it so successfully. Heather was also named an Ambassador to lululemon. Her photo is on the big wall at Tysons Corner. This is a very high honor among yogis. ? Joey – Joey and Cortney are still together and planning a 2013 wedding. They are still in Simi Valley, CA. They have moved into a small house and Joey has started his own vegetable garden. He had some knee problems this...

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Posted on Dec 13, 2012 in Blog |

I realized this week that my Facebook friends probably know best about my progress in the past year than my blog subscribers. Sorry about that. Sometimes, I get too caught up trying to write a blog piece and it’s easier to write my status in three sentences that tends to sum it up better than a long essay. Don’t worry, I will try to not make this too long and I will try to post here more often. I believe I am now in the last six months of treatment for the protomyzoa rheumatica. I started treatment at the end of February with an experimental protocol. I am patient number three for this. Within a week, I felt better than I had in years. I had a few bumps in the road, including an accidental overdose that should have killed me or left me with a major organ damage, but it didn’t. And now, I am feeling even better. I still have one more medication round to get through after Christmas for about four months but then I should be finished up with this pesky protozoa. I have now tested clear of Bartonella for 18 months. Amazing. It has been a long haul. I started treatment three years and three months ago. But I am better. I am healing. There is hope. We can heal from this disease! P.S. – If you want to connect with me on Facebook, connect with Sharon Elaine Williams Rainey. Share...

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In My Dreams

Posted on Dec 4, 2012 in Blog |

This isn’t strictly Lyme related, but I thought you might enjoy reading this anyway. In My Dreams Last week, I finished reading Proof of Heaven by neurosurgeon Dr. Eben Alexander III. The book details his Near Death Experience (NDE) while in a vegetative state for a week. I probably already lost a few of you with that last statement and that’s ok. This piece isn’t for you then. I found great comfort in reading this book and I have recommended it several friends who have recently experienced the death of a loved one. They too have found the book fascinating and intriguing. Alexander’s experience was not the traditional tunnel and white light story. Though I have one of those to tell you. When I was a young child, my mom became very ill and had to have surgery. This was in the early 70s before anyone had talked about the white light, tunnels, etc. But while she was in surgery, they lost her heartbeat, and she saw herself emerge from her body, then she went through the tunnel, saw the white light, was greeted by loved ones, the whole nine yards. And then she was told she could not stay. She had to go back. And she really didn’t want to. But she did. She also mentioned that she could literally feel people praying for her during this journey. The surgeon did tell Dad that week that Mom’s heartbeat temporarily but they were obviously able to resuscitate her. Mom told each family member of this experience while she was still in the hospital. Individually. Separately. When one of us asked her about it a year later, she had no recollection of the experience. So of course, we were each asking each other if we had dreamt of it or what. Luckily, we each validated what she had told us. Mom still does not remember the experience. Back in the 70s, nobody talked about things like that. Just like nobody talked about teens getting pregnant or depression. But when people did start talking about Near Death Experiences, I easily believed it because I already knew someone who had experienced it....

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