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Why do I talk about Lyme so much? Am I obsessed with it? Do I think everyone I meet could have it? What is the deal with Sharon and Lyme?
I talk about Lyme because it took me decades to get properly diagnosed and it could have been diagnosed with one test (the Western Blot).

I don’t want others to go through what I went through.

I don’t think everyone has it, but I bet 30% of the people I know have at least one DNA band that would test positive for Lyme or a co-infection of Lyme.

More importantly . . .
I know how easy it is to MISS Lyme Disease.

In 2002, in the midst of my symptoms intensifying, my aunt DIED of Lyme Disease. In the midst of her intensifying symptoms, in the midst of her fight to even be tested, I had no idea that my symptoms were similar to hers.

Aunt Betty died at the age of 57. Two years before, she was a completely healthy, radiant, psychology professor teaching at Auburn University.

A family member, someone I was close to, died of Lyme Disease. . . and I didn’t make the connection.

Everything I had kept being explained as something else. So, I never connected it.

So, if I missed it when a family member died of the disease, I worry about everyone else out there who has some of the same symptoms but doesn’t have someone staring them in the face saying, ‘Get Tested for Lyme Disease.’

Imagine my face in front of you.

Get tested for Lyme Disease.

And when you get tested, demand the Western Blot. Do not settle for just an Elisa test. Do not settle.

Symptom History – these are symptoms that have been connected one way or another to Lyme Disease.

Viral Meningitis- Internist
Possible Epstein-Barr (sleeping 20 hours a day) – Internist
Sun sensitivity develops – Optometrist
Dry eye – Optometrist

Back pain starts Chiropractor

Elevated gastrin level and digestive troubles – Gastroenterologist

Elevated gastrin – Gastroenterologist

Novacaine stops working for dental work – Dentist

Chronic back pain treated from 1993 through 2009 – Chiropractor
Depression – treated off and on from 1993-2009 Psychiatrist/Psychologist

Migraines – Psychiatrist

Recurrent sinus infections start – ENT
Night sweats – Internist
Hot flashes – Internist
Dry skin – Dermatologist

Tooth pain starts – Dentist

My aunt dies in 2002 from untreated Lyme Disease . . . . .

Clumsiness, falling easily – don’t see anyone for it
Muscle weakness – Internist
Swollen joints – Internist
Tooth died – Oral surgeon

Gallbladder removed – Surgeon
H.Pylori / digestive problems – Gastroenterologist
Fatigue – Internist
Hair loss – Endocrinologist

Gastrin level elevated – Gastroenterologist
Hypo-thyroid Endocrinologist
Vitamin D deficiency – Internist
Forgetfulness, trouble focusing

Gastrin level still elevated Gastroenterologist
Antrum Atrophy Gastroenterologist
Headaches Neurologist
Daytime sleepiness and Insomnia – Neurologist
Elevated heart rate – Cardiologist
Ideopathic intermittent right temporal waves – Neurologist
Ideopathic hypersomnia – Neurologist
Word and name search – Neurologist

Gastrin level elevated Gastroenterologist
Incontinence – didn’t tell anyone, too embarrassed

Cough – Pulmonologist
Peripheral neuropathy – Neurologist
Chest pains – Cardiologist
Muscle twitching – Neurologist

Blurry Vision – Ophthalmologist
Rash – Dermatologist
Incontinence – Urologist
Back pain – Chiropractor
Cyst (lipoma) on spinal cord – Neurosurgeon recommends surgery
”Lupus” diagnosis – Endocrinologist
Bursitis in hip diagnosis – Rheumatologist
Vitamin D deficiency – Endocrinologist
Lyme diagnosis – Lyme Literate Medical Doctor