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The Big News: I am not going on Rifampin yet. This is a big ‘Whew’ as it can completely deplete the body’s energy levels. I am doing another alternative form of treatment that the doctor and I agree will be quite effective. I am still having a strong response to the other antibiotics, showing clear signs of Bartonella die off (grossly, that includes migrating itching that looks like a tiger attacked me and even more grossly, lesions on my scalp). Dr. M promises me these will lessen. He has not broken a promise to me yet . . . .

My thyroid is a bit wonky right now; in the past month, my reflexes have lessened again, my edema is worse, the energy level has lessened, and my body temperature is still low. So, we switched things around and will see how I respond.

We had a local Lyme support group meeting the day before my appointment and it inspired me as well. Dan F., thank you for giving me the courage to get a Vitamix and try the green shakes. You are a walking testimonial to Dr M’s brilliance and your own tenacity and chemistry genius. Sherry K told me how to get down the apple cider vinegar. I love get-togethers that focus on the positive; on what’s working. That is SO important, a key element to healing.

Stephen, however, has indeed started on the Rifampin. Today is Day 2. He will see Dr. M again next week . . . . he also has to get his wisdom teeth out in March. It’s just going to be a rough month for him. Please lift him up in prayer.

Jeff goes back to Dr. M tomorrow.

To write this down in just a few paragraphs makes it look so ho-hum, monthly appt, whatever. When I go to Dr. M, I almost get a ‘high.’ Every single day can be a struggle with this disease in some form. It can be as simple as not being able to reach below my knees, or as frustrating as having blurry vision, or as frightening as being so stiff in the morning that getting out of bed can be a mandatory 20 minute process of stretching and bending.

It’s isolating. It’s constant pain and lethargy that others get really tired of hearing about; especially when you are snowed in for days and days and days together. It’s a mandatory process of being hopeful, positive, focusing on what’s working at all times. All times. Because those fearful, dark nights can knock me down quicker than the time it takes to swallow my pills.

It’s a disease I don’t wish on anyone and yet it has given me a deep connection to others who are on the pathway to healing.

I guess I’m trying to say that part of the past month has been really, really hard and depressing and isolating. And most of the month has been a gift of connection, of hope, of determination, of knowing at a cellular level that I will beat this disease while under the care of the most brilliant, compassionate, physician I have ever known.

I thank each of you for your prayers, your notes, your texts, every way that you have connected with me and offered me comfort, positive energy, and the most healing element: love.

I have received one-sentence emails that literally arrived in a moment of sheer frustration and tears. There are no coincidences. God has surrounded me with angels of love, healing and hope.

Why do I write about all this? Because I want others to know there is hope; there is healing. . I am resolute in raising awareness of the epidemic levels of this disease’s existence. I am determined to get everyone I know who has any single symptom of the disease. I am tenacious in my willingness to walk anyone through the testing process.

There is a tremendous effort in this country to belittle Lyme Disease and its co-infections. Politics and money drive the lies and corruption. I refuse to be silenced by anyone regarding my disease and/or the healing process; the good, the bad, the ugly.

I believe that Lyme Disease and its co-infections must be treated with long term use of antibiotics in conjunction with pharmaceutical grade probiotics, all under the care of a Lyme Literate Medical Doctor.

I believe that my physician is the most gifted, brilliant, amazing scientist who also happens to be a medical doctor.

And I believe that God is with me on this journey, 100% of the time, carrying me when I cannot walk, healing me in every way I need.