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”I’ve already been tested for that.”
I have heard this statement almost as many times as I have suggested to individuals that they be PROPERLY tested for Lyme disease throughout the past two months since my own diagnosis.

I feel like Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon, standing with my arms outstretched, yelling to the sky, ‘YES, BUT WERE YOU PROBABLY PROPERLY TESTED???’

Can you hear me now?

Every single person that I know of, who has made an appointment with a Lyme Literate MD in the past two months, and has been properly tested for Lyme, has tested positive for Lyme and/or one of its co-infections.

When searching back through my own medical records, I found that I had been tested for Lyme numerous times since 2003. But not a single one was the correct test with the correct instructions sent to the best lab.

If I had been properly tested in 2003, I could have avoided:

– clumsiness

– knee injuries

– pelvic pain

– back injuries

– balance issues

– headaches

– memory loss

– urinary incontinence

– joint pain

– loss of executive functioning skills

– noise sensitivity

– more joint pain

– multiple test procedures in search of pancreatic tumors

– blurred vision

– fatigue

– inability to concentrate

– word searching in conversations and in writing

– fear of dementia

– sun and or heat sensitivity

– unexplained rashes

– tooth problems

– joint swelling

– more than two sinus infections

– thyroid problems

– weakened auditory processing skills

– h.pylori infection

– feeling of stiffness or restricted joint flexibility

– stomach or antrum atrophy

– heart palpitations

– persistent, non-productive cough

– diseased gallbladder

– unexplained fever, even low grade

– adrenal gland problems

– numbness, tingling, itching, or burning sensations in the feet and/or hands

– sleep disturbance or insomnia issues

– loss of fine motor skills

– and so much more

So I ask you, if you have ever experienced any one of the above-mentioned items, please see your doctor and ask for the following:

Request the ELISA test for Lyme Disease.
Have the physician to write on the order that the Western Blot is to be run EVEN IF THE ELISA TEST IS NEGATIVE. Send the bloodwork and order to Igenex lab in California or LabCorp.
When the results return, ask for a copy of them.
If ANY of the DNA strands show an IND or POS result, then it is quite possible that you have Lyme disease and/or one of its co-infections.
Your doctor may tell you the result was negative even though some bands tested positive.
This is where it is imperative that you find a Lyme Literate MD.
Please note, I am NOT a physician. I cannot make medical diagnoses. I do not try to make medical diagnoses.

What I can do is share my own history and experiences and encourage you to advocate for yourself in the strongest degree.

If you know of anyone who has had any of the above symptoms, or who has been diagnosed already with:

– Lupus

– Fibromyalgia

– Rheumatoid Arthritis

– MS


– Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

– Epstein-Barr Syndrome

– Alzheimer’s disease

– Viral meningitis

– Migraines

– Bell’s Palsy

– Parkinson’s

– Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

Please send this message to them and ask them to get the right test from the right lab.

And when they say, ‘Yeah, I’ve already been tested for that,’ ask them to read my words carefully and reconsider getting tested properly.