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A one-of-a-kind collaboration between patient and doctor

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The ABCs of Sharon Rainey

Posted on Jun 25

Here are mine; feel free to send me yours! A – Alcoholics Anonymous – a program that saved my life and my sanity from the age of 25 and forward. B – Bartonella – the co-infection...


What to do if you have a tick bite in Virginia

Posted on Jun 8

***In Virginia, up to 50% of ticks can carry Lyme disease or other infections. ADVICE ON TREATING TICK BITES (from Dr. Joseph Burrascano, the longest treating physician for Lyme...


From Head Lice to Co-Infections of Lyme Disease

Posted on Mar 26

From Debbie Kushner, a friend of mine At my son’s school this week, my gentle suggestion that lice were not merely a nuisance but also a possible vector for infections like...


Tell Me Everything

Posted on Mar 12

When Jeff’s dad died on New Year’s Eve, I wrote a poem about all the things I told him in the final three days we had with him. That started me thinking about what I...


The Protozoa is LOSING

Posted on Nov 4

I saw Dr M yesterday and my blood smear is the best looking I have ever had! The level of biofilm is down significantly. The number of infected red blood cells is down...


Getting Through the Rough Times with Lyme Disease

Posted on Oct 3

I received this wonderful note (below) today from a friend who also battles Lyme disease. Both she and her boyfriend have been in treatment for a few years. I bring this to light...