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Lyme Disease Awareness Month

Posted on Apr 30

May has been proclaimed as Lyme Disease Awareness Month in the Commonwealth of Virginia (thank you Representative Barbara Comstock!). Each day, for 30 days, I am providing readers with information relating to Lyme Disease that you may not necessarily know, but hopefully, will find helpful. My purpose for this is threefold: My aunt died from complications of Lyme Disease in 2002 and I didn’t know much about it except that she had been bitten by a tick. There is much more to this story and I think others should hear it so they will know too. I suffered from various ailments throughout my lifetime, having no idea until 2009 that 90% of them were all related – they were all symptoms of co-infections of Lyme Disease. I want others to know what those ailments were so they don’t have to wait decades to get the right testing, an accurate diagnosis, and effective treatment. When I was initially diagnosed, I called someone in my community who was known for having the disease and would be able to connect me with...


Valentine’s Day Without Dad

Posted on Feb 12

We are almost through our year of firsts without Dad. With Valentine’s Day approaching, my heart sinks at the thought of Mom being alone. Soon after Dad died, the three daughters agreed that we would still send Mom flowers for each event that Dad did. Just because he was dead doesn’t mean she shouldn’t get flowers anymore. Her flowers will arrive Monday. In the past, my family didn’t gather for Valentine’s Day. Mom sent cards to the daughters, but dinner was for couples on their own. Not a big deal until this year. For Jeff and me, we usually eat dinner together, but sometimes the dinner has included a child who might be at home with us, due to illness or maybe a recent breakup. We have viewed Valentine’s Day to be a day about love, not necessarily always just romance. Jeff and I stopped going out for Valentine’s Day early in our marriage, frankly, because any meal we had in a restaurant, he could usually fix one better at home. When we stay home, our dinner is quiet,...


Taking Control: Focusing Through the Fog Webinar this Wednesday

Posted on Jan 30

Reminder – If You Haven’t Registered Yet! Taking Control: Focusing Through the Fog Wednesday, Feb 1, 2017, 3-4 pm (EST) Dr. Bob Mozayeni and Sharon Rainey will discuss ways to overcome the challenges faced by both patients and physicians when trying to diagnose chronic illness, set out a plan of treatment, and effectively manage care. This is especially confounding when patients are dealing with the cognitive impact and “brain fog” so often associated with chronic illness. They will draw on a variety of issues discussed in their new book, LYME SAVVY. Cost: $20 Follow This Link To Register Facebook Comments Share...